Overnight Rental Information

Looking for more than 12 hours? The option for a few days or a few weeks is at your fingertips. Overnight rentals require dock and location approval.

Mix & Match: We can adjust your reservation to be more than 24 hour periods on overnight boat rentals. We have lots of flexibility
on pick up and drop off times. For example: If you want to pick up the boat at 8 am on a Monday and return it at
8 pm on a Friday, please book a 4 day rental, and then we will add another 12 hours on in the office once your dock & location are approved.

Another example: If you want to pick up your boat at 4pm on a Thursday and bring it back at 8 pm on a Sunday,
book a 3 day rental, and we will add 4 hours on when we get the reservation request to review.

Want to be on the water as soon as the sun rises? Boats may be available for overnight use with
an approved dock. Please note that boats rented overnight must be secured to the approved
dock by dusk as our boats may not have sufficient lighting for safely and legally boating after dark.
Feel free to come back by our dock during your rental to fill up with gas if needed.

At this time we do not offer an overnight option for Jet Skis.