Is gas included with the rental price? No. We send you out on a full tank of gas and when you return you are charged for the fuel you use.

Are we allowed to bring alcohol on the boat? Yes. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, however, there must be a designated driver to drive the boat.

Is a boaters license required to operate the boat? No. You must have an active U.S. drivers license. We will have you watch our safety video and go over the features of the boat. Also, you will be given a temporary boaters license to operate the boat through your rental time.

Who is required to watch the safety video? Every person that will be driving the boat.

What is the age limit to drive a boat and jet ski? For both,18 years old and have an active drivers license.  A 16 year old can drive a jet ski alone as long as there is a parent or guardian that stays in eyesight.

Do you have kayaks, canoes, paddleboards or paddleboats? No.

What do I need to do in order to rent a boat for multiple days? All multi day rentals must be approved by management. You will need to send photos of the dock you’ll be tying the boat to, as well as, the address of the cabin location you are staying at to smboatrentals@gmail.com. Once approved we will let you know and set your reservation up.

Where do we take our trash after we check out? We advise to bring a trash bag with you to contain and carry your trash off the boat. There is a green dumpster at the end of our driveway that we ask you to deposit all your trash in.

Do you sale fishing equipment, bait, or license? No.

Do you have boat slips? No.

Can we bring our own tube? We prefer you use our tubes because they fit in the designated areas.

Can we pull a tube with a jet ski? No. Our jet skis are not designed for towables.

Can I launch my boat or jet skis from your ramp? No. There is a public access ramp in Dandridge that allows this.

What if I have a trailer? Trailers are not allowed down our driveway; we don’t have the room to allow trailers to park or turn around during your rental time.

What are the conditions to have my location approved for overnight rentals? The dock you plan on keeping one of our rentals at must be in a cove and have a private dock with at least six feet of water.

What is the max occupants on your rentals? All of our pontoons will seat 10 with weight capacity of 1,500 lbs and tritoons will seat 12 with weight capacity of 1,800 lbs.

What if I have 13 people in my group and several are under the age of 5? Every age is counted as an individual occupant. For the safety of each person on the boat, regardless of age, we are firm on the max occupants.

Are life jackets provided? Yes. We have life jackets for every age and weight.

Do you have food and drinks available for purchase? We have snack items, drinks, and ice available for purchase. However, we don’t have any items that would be considered as a meal. Please plan ahead on bringing items in a cooler if you are looking to have a meal out on the lake.

Do your boats have restrooms? No. None of our boats have restrooms.  There is a public boat dock about 5 minutes away that have public restrooms.  You could dock there and use the restroom or you could always come back to our dock and use the port-a-potty here.

What if I go over my rental time? Please be mindful of the fact the equipment you are on will be reserved for another customer after you. You are expected to return back to the dock on time. If you do go over your reserved time, there is a fee of $1 for every minute you are late.

Do you have military discounts? Yes. Please let us know upfront you are a veteran, whether you active or retired, and we will apply your discount.

How long will it take for the hold on my card to be released? It depends on your bank but plan for 2-5 business days.

Can I give cash for the damage deposit? Yes. This is actually more ideal so you don’t have a hold on your card. Once you return to the dock, the cash will be returned to you after inspection of the equipment at checkout.

What happens once I return from my rental time? A dockhand will guide you back in. You will collect all of your personal items and trash. Return to the window at the office for checkout and pay for the cost of fuel.

What happens if I damage the equipment? All of our equipment requires a damage deposit. Once you return from your rental time and the inspection concludes damages were done, we will discuss the damage with you and let you know the cost of the damage. Depending on the damage will depend on the cost. The deposit we hold isn’t a flat rate.

What do I do if I get turned around and lost on the lake? GPS does work on the water so you can use the maps on your phone. You can also call our office and someone can help guide you back to what is familiar.

How do I know if I’m low on gas? All of our equipment has working fuel gauges to help you stay mindful of how much fuel you have.

Do you give partial refunds if we return early from our rental time? No.

Do the boats have changing rooms? Yes.

Are reservations required? Reservations are highly recommended. If you choose to not reserve, there is a chance we won’t have the equipment you’re looking for available.

Is there a discount if I rent more than one piece of equipment? No.

What’s the difference between a pontoon and a tritoon?  A pontoon has 2 float toons and has a 60 hp or 115 hp motor.  A tritoon has 3 float toons which makes it more stable and ideal for tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, or kneeboarding.  Our tritoons have 150, 200, and 250 hp motors on them.

Can I pull a tube with a pontoon (60 hp or 115 hp)?  Our pontoons could pull a tube behind them but it would be more like a lazy river type ride.  If you have tweens, teenagers, or adults that will be tubing, our recommendation is at least the 150 hp Tritoon.